Do you think digital marketing won’t work for your business? See how dominos used digital marketing to scale its business and reach new heights in selling pizzas.

Dominos was started in 1960 in Michigan and has marked their presence globally till then. In India, people were not fond or aware of pizza. But dominos worked day and night on their marketing strategies to make pizza one of the most popular fast food in India. Digital marketing is being used by every company nowadays but dominos did not only use conventional digital marketing techniques but went out of the box to lure customers and make it to the top.

Dominos has always used advertisements smartly to communicate with their customers, They initiated a tagline ‘hungry kya?’ and connected hunger with pizza in the minds of the customer. Dominos have always tried to capture customers emotionally with advertisements, their tagline ‘khushiyon ki home delivery’, strung an emotional chord with the people. Their brand captures big events such as the world cup, FIFA or any festival where people will come together and they create a bond of the event with the pizza.

Social media platforms are also used by the pizza giant to build their brand, they have Instagram and Facebook pages where they share posts which are very attractive and creative. They don’t only depend on digital marketing but make the best of both worlds.

Marketing is all about interacting with the customers and dominos is very transparent to its customers. Lately, there were many complaints about dominos and they had to face criticism for their toppings, crust or amount of cheese. They took all the customer feedback very seriously and took necessary steps to make their pizza better. Not only this, they took help of media persons which were popular in their advertisements to tell people how they have improved and created a new campaign i.e., #badalgaya.

They have a very user-friendly website and mobile app through which the user can order pizza and now they are even available during midnight. Digital marketing is not only about SEO and SEM, but it is also rooted more deeply, Dominos has increased its profit after going digital and has become a household name when it comes to pizza.