Let your website be seen on top of search engine results page. Wondering how?

The straight forward way of achieving this goal is doing good SEO. Search engines don’t ask for anything monetary to show ‘a website detailing your business’ in search results. What it really takes to be search engine friendly is curating relevant quality content that talks about your business, blog or educate customers about the services you offer and updates.

Of course, you can be seen preferably before others when you do paid marketing that includes SEM. But, SEO is something that’s Long-term. Organic results cover maximum space in SERP. Also, it tells your customers about your permanent online presence, builds trust and loyalty, reviews and a lot of other things considered as important. Starting from scratch, SEO is a technique to optimize your website in terms of content, tags , inbound links so that search engines give a better ranking to your page resulting in increase in traffic to your website.

Search Engines work in a format called Crawling, Indexing and Ranking. With this format, it is decided where in the SERP your site will appear. Crawler browses through millions of websites and webpages to determine if they have original and relevant content. The relevant websites are then indexed by search engines.

To better understand it, think of search engines database as dictionary with words that have some meaning. No any random thing can be included in a dictionary with zero relevance or meaning. In a similar way, search engine bot evaluates webpages on regular basis to be included or excluded in its index based on quality and relevance.

Ranking has a direct impact on SERP and at what position a website is shown. The ranking is determined based on the relevance of content, backlinks, age of website, website structure and 200 other factors not publicly revealed by Google, Bing and other major search engines.

In order to improve your ranking and making your website appear at the first page of SERP. Here are few things that you need to consider before making any moderations.


SEO is all about content and is done around content. Be creative and be original while writing content for your website along with maintaining quality of the content. If the content is not relevant and doesn’t add value to the user, it is likely to create low traction. It must always be in sync with audience’s interest and benefit. Once you’ve posted your content, make sure you update it time to time to keep it up with the trends.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are like mutual friends of both you and search engines. They introduce your website/webpages to search engines. It consists of two very important tags;- title tag, and meta description tag.

What’s really there on your website is determined by these tags. These are rich snippets that are seen on search engine results page. Search engines crawl through your webpage based on these tag descriptions and checks if the content is relevant as it being described.


Backlinks are basically links of your webpages found on other websites all over the web. Backlinks on websites having high domain authority affects the ranking of your website significantly. It provides authenticity to the crawlers.

Although SEO is an organic way to optimize your web presence, it can get a little technical in some areas. However, a professional SEO specialist or SEO agency can be of great benefit that can help in optimizing your website showing good results.